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Countywide Ice rescue training on Chautauqua Lake
hose test 2015

  Clymer fire dept members pitching in to test all the hose in the department july 2015 pictures taken by brian willink

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Joint training with Sherman Fire Dept
fire cam video flashover training

heres a link to a youtube video from flashover training in October. this is from a helmet camera, unfortnately it was filmed upside down. it shows what the firefighter sees. Enjoy!

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murphy fire grounds flash over training

heres a link to a youtube video from the flashover training a few of our fire fighters went to in October. Enjoy!

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Congratulations Billy!

Congratulations to Billy Schutt for recieving the Honorable Mention Award for fire service dedication from the Fire Advisory Board at the annual Fire Chiefs Association banquet. Billy is a very dedicated driver for our fire dept! Second picture L to R: Randy Shampoe, Billy Schutt, Barry Neckers and Chief Brian Bensink

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