Fire Department Information

The Clymer Volunteer Fire Department was formed on December 6th, 1921.


1924 new fire hallThe original 16 members were:

  • George Fox
  • Clyde Howles
  • Irvin Legters
  • Jess Meerdink
  • Delbert Neckers
  • Ed Neckers
  • H.B. Neckers
  • Ray Renskers
  • Garret Ruslink
  • Walter Schrues
  • Clarence Spitzer
  • Ernest Swift
  • Cornelius TenPas
  • Gilbert Ton
  • Blaine Wallace
  • Arthur Wallace

1922-1958 Alarm Bells 1923 Chemical truck Equipment was stored in a truck room under the Town Hall (Current Town Library) and consisted of two hand drawn hose carts, a hand drawn soda acid tank, and quite a few water pails. The first “alarm system” was the church bells, with the responsibility of ringing them being assigned to designated people.

In 1922, a bell alarm system was installed at Clymer phone company with a set of bells in each member’s home. A telephone operator rang the bells six times for a fire, twice for a meeting, and one test ring daily at 6:30PM.

In 1923, a motor drawn chemical unit was purchased.

In 1924, a new fire barn was built with two truck stalls at the same location as the current fire hall.

1926 Packard truck 1927 Fr Creek contract In 1926, a used Packard chassis that had been damaged in a fire was purchased from G.H. Tenpas for $225 and was into a pumper by Blaine and Sheridan Wallace. CFD borrowed $800 from Albert Bennink to outfit the truck, which had wooden wheels and only rear brakes.

The truck was equipped with a 400 cubic inch twin-six cylinder engine, overhauled by Jess Meerdink, and a 500 GPM Hale rotary pump. John Fiet painted the truck for $38.70. The Packard was the pride of the town as many residents stopped in weekly to watch the progress of it.

In 1927, the first French Creek contract was signed promising $25 for the 1st hour of service and then $10 for every hour after.

1948 Chevy 1939 Dodge 1939 Dodge - 1 In 1939, a Dodge pumper with a 200 gallon tank was purchased, and then later sold for $800 in 1974.

In 1943, a military surplus siren from World War II was installed in the Fire Barn, and then later a siren was also installed at Clymer Bag Co to alert members around Clymer pond.

In 1948, a Chevrolet 500 GPM pmp with a 300 gallon tank (later replaced with a 500 gallon tank) was purchased along with two 50 ft booster reels.

1956 Ford 3 001 CCI01102010_00001 1956 Ford - 1In 1953, the fire commissioners delayed buying a new truck until the town built a new fire hall.

In 1956, a new hall was built in 1956 at the same location (after much controversy). A 1956 Ford was purchased with a 500 GPM pump and a 1000 gallon tank. The chassis cost $3,535 and the truck was later sold for $2,650 in 1986.

In 1958, fire phones were set up by the Clymer Telephone Co. Sixteen firefighters regular home phones doubles as fire alert phones (plus one at fire hall). Residents called EL5-2211 until 1964 when all numbers were used 355-2211 for a fire and all 16 phones would ring steady for two minutes or until answered. All 16 could hear and talk to the caller.

The first person to answer said “Clymer Fire Dept” and asked about the nature of the call while everyone else listened. Six had red buttons mounted on their phones that would activate the siren. You needed a private line to have a button.

1976 Dodge Ambulance 2 1966 cad ambulance - purchased used 1962 Ambulance In 1962, twelve EMS phones were installed with the number 355-2525. They worked the same as the fire phones but members were trained in first aid and as ambulance drivers. After hearing the call, the first four people to say they were going would respond while the rest resumed what they were doing. A few people had both Fire and EMS phones.

During this time the first Ambulance was purchased (a Chevy Suburban). It was later converted to Chief/Equipment truck when replaced by a used 1966 Cadillac Ambulance and eventually traded to the Highway Dept in 1981.

The 1966 Cadillac Ambulance was later sold in 1976 and replaced by a new Dodge Ambulance purchased for $16,725.

1966 GMCIn 1966, a GMC E331 chassis was purchased for $4,500 and outfitted with a 750 GPM pump and 1000 gallon tank.

In 1979, some members received pagers, first person to the hall broadcast the calls.

In 1991, calls were forwarded to Mayville dispatch.

In 1994, 911 replaced the local fire and EMS numbers.